Tonight: Free Food, Booze And Bacon At SoWe

So sure, you could go out tonight and pay for your dinner like a sucker. Or you could head over to G-Ho’s SoWe where they’re celebrating their first anniversary by giving away the house to anyone who makes it through the door.

So what’s on the giveaway list? How ’bout free sliders from the kitchen (burger, pork belly, chick pea fritter, meatball, chicken mole and vegan reuben varieties), free draft beers from the bar, free samples of the new chocolate bacon bourbon adult milkshakes being mixed up by bar manager Craig Steel (yes that’s his real name, but you can make fun of him anyway) and free homemade mini ice cream sandwich cookies from chef Jenn Choplin.

Or, you know, you could go and pay for a 20-piece order of chicken McNuggets and go eat them alone in your dark apartment. Your call.

SoWe [Official]