An Update On The Hot Diggity Hot Dog Cart


Remember back in January when we told you about the crowd funding project being launched by the Hot Diggity team in an attempt at getting their own hot dog cart up and running?

That’s cool if you don’t, because apparently enough people did find their way to the Lucky Ant page where Keith Garabedian was trying to raise the necessary pesos to get a cart version of his brick-and-mortar Hot Diggity dog shop onto the streets. According to the Insider, the new Hot Diggity cart (Hot Diggity 2: Electric Boogaloo) will be making its debut this coming Saturday at the South Street Headhouse District Spring Fest. It’ll take about a month to work out the kinks with appearances at farmers markets and special events, but after that, the cart will be a permanent fixture on the streets of our fair city.

According to the project page, Garabedian needed $7,ooo to get the cart of his dreams. He ended up raising about $7,700, and thus was a new hot dog cart born.

And that, my friends, is the miracle of life.

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