Legit Delivery Serves Up Food Truck Delivery to Temple Students

The nature of food-truck service is an ever-changing commodity. And even though folks in the Temple neighborhood have it a lot better than some, now students won’t even have to leave the confines of their dorm room in order to get food from their favorites.

Three Temple students (William Shanley, Reggie Hawkins and Sarunyoo Tohchoodee) have launched Legit Delivery, a bicycle delivery service that brings lunch truck food to hungry students all across Temple’s campus and beyond.

Temple News has a full run-down on Legit Delivery, but here are the highlights.

–Customers can mix up their orders from a variety of trucks

–Hungry folks place orders via Legit’s call center, Legit contacts the trucks and then delivery guys hop on their bikes to pick up the order and deliver it to customers.

–The delivery zone is pretty big, too–stretching from Girard to Susquehana and 8th to 20th Streets.

–Legit’s grub couriers pay for the food out of their own pockets, then get reimbursed for the cost by the customers, plus a $1.50 delivery charge for sponsored trucks and a $2.50 charge for unsponsored ones.

Sponsored vendors include:

  • Busz trucks
  • Cookie Confidential
  • Mike’s Steaks
  • Ray’s Truck
  • Simply Yummy
  • Wingo Taco

Food Delivery Is ‘Legit’ [Temple News]

Legit Delivery [Official Site]