Weekend Fermentation Class At Greensgrow Community Kitchen

Lesson: soured milk is not the same as sour milk. The difference? Milk that is soured has been intentionally acted upon, often through the process of fermentation. What are some other foods that are fermented? Sour cream, cheese, kimchi, kraut, Indian lassi, Ethiopian injera bread and let’s not forget about Chinese pickles. Fermentation is a wonderful thing, considering it gives us beer and wine and rids our bodies of harmful abdominal bacteria. So what is fermentation, exactly?

For that answer, you’ll have to a) look it up on Wikipedia or b) attend the Fermentation Basics Workshop this Saturday at Greensgrow Community Kitchen. Amanda Feifer, the pro-fermentation blogger behind phickle.com, gives one of her many classes on the biochemical reaction that the New York Times calls one of the year’s top ten food trends.

At said class, students will learn about “good” bacteria, the health benefits of probiotics and why fermentation is better or worse than other preservation methods. They’ll also get to take home recipes, taste Amanda’s fermented foods and learn how to ferment foods from scratch.  Tickets are $35. The improvement to your digestive tract after adding more fermented foods to your diet? Priceless.

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