Sneak Preview: May At COOK

Now that we’ve just started April, let’s take a peek at May’s schedule of COOK classes, going live Monday at 2 pm. You know, so you can plan ahead, stay ahead of the game, be proactive and not reactive. All that stuff.

And May is looking mighty fine, too: Pat Szoke of The Industry will be grilling up some meats Aussie-style. There’s  pie-making with Holly Ricciardi of Magpie, a rum cocktail Dinner with Krista Dumser of Leblon Cachaca and SPTR/American Sardine Bar’s Scott Schroeder. And of course, the Foobooz Open Stove night—which is just all kinds of awesome and, last time, included shots of moonshine and chefs doing terrible things to marshmallow Peeps.

So let’s take a look at the schedule, shall we?

  • May 1: Foobooz Open Stove XIII

  • May 2: Green Cuisine with Katie Cavuto Boyle of Healthy Bites

  • May 3: Leblon Cocktail Dinner with Krista Dumser of Leblon Cachaca and Scott Schroeder of South Philly Tap Room and American Sardine Bar

  • May 4: 11AM An Early Mother’s Day Treat: Brunch with Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi of Rival Brothers (and their mothers) Coffee Roasters

  • May 5: 6PM A Cinqo de Mayo Fiesta with Gina Rodriguez of Serrano

  •  May 9: Meats on the Barbie with Pat Szoke of The Industry

  • May 11: Spring Cocktails with Ryan Finash of Vintage Imports

  • May 12: 2PM DIY Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Making with Holly Ricciardi of Magpie

  • May 14: Summer in the Greek Isles with James Wells of Opa

  • May 15: Pasta Making-101 with Arthur Cavaliere of In Riva

  • May 17: Ye Olde English Pub Fare with Wyatt Lash of The Whip

  • May 18: 1PM Kids Baking with Lee Ann Erlbaum of Under The Icing 

  • May 19: 6PM Healing Foods: A Vegan Feast with Elizabette Andrade of Earth’s Elements

  • May 21:Eat Local: An Evening with Anne Coll of Meritage

  •  May 24: Wonderful, Warm Weather White Wines with Brian Freedman, Food and Wine Writer/Consultant

  • May 25: Up In Your Grill with Wayne and Stephanie “Grill Queen” Dumpson of Not By Bread Alone Catering

  • May 29: French Bistro Fare with Stacey DiPlacidio of Fitzwater Cafe

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