Brü Hosts Its Grand Opening – We’ve Got the Menu and a Look at the Massive Mixed Meats & Wurst Platter

Bru, the indoor beer garden and restaurant at 1318 Chestnut Street has been open and packing them in for more than a week now. Tomorrow serves as the Midtown Village spot’s grand opening. The doors swing open at 2 p.m. and there will be free samples and specials all day.

  • $4 German Session Lagers
  • $5 Select American Craft Ales
  • $5 Select Whiskey
  • $5 Wurst Sandwiches
  • $5 Currywurst 
  • $4 Bavarian Pretzel

And if you get hungry, don’t be hesitant to order some food. Chef Matt Buehler has assembled an excellent staff to pump out everything from doner kabob to a massive mixed meats and wurst platter.

Brü Mixed Meats & Wurst Platter – Full Size

Brü Food Menu


Ham & Potato Kroketa 5
Sweet German Mustard

Bavarian Pretzel 6
Emmentaler Cheese Fondue

Potato & Green Apple Pancake 6
Horseradish Sour Cream

Bacon & Apple Flatbread 7
Cambozola Cheese

Spaetzle 7
Mushrooms, Charred Onions

Smoked Salmon Butterbrot 9
Beets, Mushrooms, Watercress

Ham & Arugula Salad 9
Apples, Cambozola Cheese

Currywurst 7
Knockwurst, Curry Ketchup, Fries


Wurst 7
Choice of Wurst, Sauerkraut, Hot Mustard, Club Roll

Roasted Mushroom 7
Charred Onion, Cambozola Cheese, Club Roll

Fried Liverwurst 7
Hot Mustard, Charred Onion, Pumpernickel Rye Toast

Pork Schnitzel 7
Westphalian Ham, Griebenschmalz, Kale, Muenster Cheese, Club Roll

Doner Kabob 7
Lamb Shoulder, Pickles, Yogurt Sauce, Flatbread


Pork Meatballs 12
Sauerkraut, Bacon

Pork Rib Sauerbraten 11
Golden Raisins, Fries

Braised Bacon 12
German Potato Salad, Fried Egg

Brisket & Sauerkraut 10
Potato Dumplings, Beer Broth, Grilled Pumpernickel Rye


Brü Wurst Plate 16
Choice of Wurst, Sauerkraut, Fingerling Potatoes, Hot and Sweet German Mustards

Mixed Meats & Wurst Platter 42
Mixed Wurst, Ribs, Meatball, Braised Bacon, Westphalian Ham, Liverwurst, Potato Pancake, Fingerling Potatoes, Sauerkraut, Hot and Sweet German Mustards. Serves 3-4.

1318 Chestnut Street
(215) 800-1079