Surprise! Hop Sing Changes Happy Hour Plans


So remember a couple days ago when we reported on the new plans for Hop Sing Laundromat’s “Washy Washy Hour” and menu changes?

Yeah, well as with so much having to do with Hop Sing, those facts were temporary critters–subject to sudden and drastic alteration according to the fleeting whims of Lee, Hop Sing’s chief raconteur.

But wait… Before the haters out there start getting all up in arms, let me say that this is good news. What we have now is a large expansion of the Happy Hour menu, a change in its schedule, a ridiculously low price adjustment and the promise of more goodness (and weirdness) to come.

First things first, the hours and days we originally reported for Lee’s Happy Hour? Totally wrong now. As opposed to running his Washy Washy Hour promotion for 3 nights a week and 4 hours a night, it will now run 4 nights a week for 3 hours a night. Clear? Earlier this week, it was going to be running Sunday through Tuesday, from 5pm-9pm. But now, it’ll actually run Sunday through Wednesday, from 5pm-8pm. What could be simpler?

What’s more, we now have an official price. All cocktails will be $9.

Which might still seem a bit on the pricey side to you (even though it’s not), until you think about what he’s pouring. Yesterday, Lee told us that he’d decided that his Washy Washy menu would be composed of every drink from his previous menu at Hop Sing, plus a few specials that he liked. So that means he’ll be pouring the Railroad Judah (made, primarily, of Laphroaig 10-year single malt) for $9, the Pay Me My Money Down (Don Q Gran Anejo and Seguinot VSOP cognac) for $9, his Old Fashioned made of Willett rye, his Brown Derby made of Johnny Drum and Barenjager, his Preacher Bourbon (Elijah Craig 12-year bourbon and absinthe) and Jameson-and-El Dorado 151-heavy McCoy’s Last Run, all for $9

That thing about doing an all-tiki night? Still in the planning stages. An all-shots menu? He thinks he’s going to do it, but will probably have to charge more than $9 for some of the liquors he wants to pour. Things, as they so often are with Lee, are still very much up in the air.

But still, it’s a helluva deal. If I were you, I’d get in there fast before Lee changes his mind again.

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