About Last Night: Marshmallow Peeps and Moonshine

Last night was another one of our Open Stove Nights at COOK–a night where we brought together incredibly talented chefs from some of the best restaurants in the city, put them up in front of a crowd of their adoring fans, and then tried really hard to make them cry.

This time around we had Scott Megill from Talula’s Table out in Kennett Square and Matt Broeze from Russet in Rittenhouse Square. Both places are lovely, restrained examples of the modern farm-to-table style of cookery, where talented kitchens turn out beautifully composed plates utilizing nothing but the best, freshest and most local ingredients. As such, we figured that the proper way to honor such dedication to terrain and terroir was to offer them a spread of secret ingredients that were also local.

So local, in fact, that they came from just a few hundred feet away from the COOK kitchen.

From the 7-11 right down the street.

So what happens when you make dedicated, farm-to-table chefs cook with barbecue potato chips, 7-11 coffee, Tostitos queso dip, corn nuts, marshmallow Peeps, Froot Loops and squeezable grape jelly? Check out the snaps from COOK photographer and Friend of Foobooz, Yoni Nimrod collected below and have a look for yourself.

In the end, it was Team Talula’s (Megill, along with sous chef Mark Regan) who took the prize in a closely-fought battle that actually turned out WAY better than anything made with bottles of cheez and marshmallow Peeps ought to.

And for those of you who are interested in checking out the action at next month’s Open Stove, we’ll be putting up a preview of the new COOK schedule tomorrow. So keep your eyes peeled and be ready to make with the clicky-clicky when tickets go on sale on Monday afternoon.

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