Farmer’s Road Drive Thru Opening Next Week

The first time I saw the name of this place, I didn’t believe it really was what it said it was. I mean, sure. Plenty of people have talked about opening a healthy, farm-to-table fast food joint, but no one has ever actually done it. “Farmer’s Road Drive Thru” was, I thought, just a clever name for a proper, sit-down restaurant.

Turns out I was wrong. And it turns out that owner Courtney Rozsas really has opened a healthy, occasionally vegetarian, sometimes gluten-free drive thru. Or rather, she will be opening one next week. Farmer’s Road opens to the public on Tuesday April 9, at 210 Painters Crossing in Chadds Ford, with a menu of burgers (organic, grass-fed, topped with turkey bacon), hot dogs (all-natural, with sodium-free sauerkraut and a pretzel bun), veggie burgers and pork roll, all assembled by Ryan Sulikowski, chef at Rozsas’s other spot, Lotus Farm To Table.

Farmer’s Road Drive Thru [Facebook]