More Than Just Hype at Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream

Trey Popp gives us two reviews in one as he visits the “weirdos” behind Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream.

I’ve got a severe hype allergy. But Brian Dwyer and Joseph Hunter’s partly Kickstarter-funded brainchild—which shares space, and a cockeyed ethos, with Little Baby’s Ice Cream—had me on an EpiPen high by the time I was chasing a rosemary-scented mushroom/fontina/goat cheese pizza with dense scoops of chipotle chocolate and Earl Grey sriracha ice cream.

How did it happen? Well for one thing, nothing neutralizes a rambunctious preschooler like knickknack-crammed plexiglass display boxes. For another, this is inventive and frequently terrific pizza.

Two-and-a-half Stars – Good to Excellent

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