Little Fish Needs A Little Help On The Line

For any of you cooks out there looking for a spring time change-up, we just got word that Little Fish chef-owner Chadd Jenkins (who bought the joint from former owner Mike Stollenwerk in 2011)  is looking for some help in the tiny little kitchen at his Little Fish BYOB.

“There’s no drama. No one’s getting fired or anything,” Jenkins told me. “I’m just looking for some help. Someone to help out. Some new ideas.”

As it turns out, he’s got a couple guys leaving–one of whom is Jonathan Petruce, his sous chef and long-time Fish kingdom stalwart. Petruce has been behind the stoves at Little Fish for some time now, but years back it was rumored that he was looking to open a place of his own: a Neapolitan pizza joint in Graduate Hospital called Anima Napoletana. No word yet on whether or not this departure is the realization of that long-ago hope (according to Jenkins, nothing has been “announced yet”), but here’s hoping.

But anyway, there’s going to be a job opening. So if you think you’ve got the chops, now you know where to go.

Little Fish [Official]