It’s a Pig & Paella Party with David Ansill at Alla Spina

david-ansill-comeyAlla Spina’s monthly industry night is back tonight with Bar Ferdinand’s David Ansill cooking up more paella than George Costanza’s mother could comprehend.

There will also be suckling pig, Spanish vegetable dishes and the promise of gallons of Ommegang beer and Bar Ferdinand’s sangria.

The food is free, the drinks are a bargain, just remember to bring your hospitality industry pay stub. The pig and paella pandemonium kicks off at 10 p.m.


Whole Roasted Suckling Pig
Huge Paella Pan
Pickled Mushrooms
Charred Scallions and Romesco
Patatas Bravas
Arrope Pumpkin Sundae


Ommegang Hennepin & Witte
Bar Ferdinand Sangria
Calimocho (soda & red wine)

Pig & Paella Party with Bar Ferdinand at Alla Spina [Facebook]