Beer Week Event Commemorates Battle of the Bulge

We’re pretty excited that Philly Beer Week is just two months away. And exactly two months from today Eulogy and Bierstube are co-hosting a special event based on World War II’s pivotal Battle of the Bulge. The battle brought US forces directly against Germany in the Belgian Ardennes forest and this version of the battle will happen in Old City between the German Bierstube and the Belgian-themed Eulogy.

Contestants will have to drink a full liter of German beer with a one-pound pretzel before “retreating” to Eulogy for a glass of Kwak and a pound of Belgian fries. Prizes will be awarded for fastest combined times, fastest Belgian and fastest German individual times.

What better way to commemorate a battle that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called “the greatest American battle of the war and will, I believe, be regarded as an ever-famous American victory.”

Battle of the Bulge [Philly Beer Week]