Reservation No-Showers Shamed on Twitter, We’d Like to Help

Several staff members have forwarded the story of an LA Restaurant that turned to Twitter to out tables that no-showed for reservations to us today. To us, it’s kind of been one of those, “bet that felt good, but what did it accomplish?” stories.

We encourage the more grown up response we’ve seen from restaurants around Philadelphia. If diners are looking at Twitter at the right moment, they might get the chance to eat at a normally packed restaurant and be welcomed by grateful restaurateurs who won’t have seats going empty. Although this doesn’t solve every no-show and won’t prevent the no-showers from going to a very special place in Hell, we have seen it work out for diner and restaurant alike. And we’d like to help unite restaurants with last-minute cancellations out.

8:45 table for 4 just opened up. call the restaurant 215.271.7683 and its yours
3/23/13 7:42 PM
Table for 4 guests just cancelled for … 8pm!!! Hurry up! online only at
3/23/13 1:36 PM

We’ll Tweet Your Last Second Cancellations

Tweet out the time and number of seats that have opened up, include @Foobooz at the end of your tweet and we’ll be happy to retweet the availability to our 14,000+ Twitter followers. We know the window of opportunity is small here, but we’d like to get the word out to as many people as we can.