New Menu, New Concept For Post-Ripert 10 Arts


Chef Nathan Volz has been holding down the line at 10 Arts for three months now, ever since the departure of his boss and mentor, Eric Ripert. In that time, he has stuck (more or less) to the vision of 10 Arts as it stood under Ripert (and Jen Carroll), but no more.

Beginning tonight, there is a single new menu for the space which will bridge both the lounge and the main dining area, bringing the entire floor under the sway of Volz’s new “American comfort cuisine” take on the board. This means a mix of small, medium and large plates, desserts, custom cocktails and Philly classics–which, in turn, means that you can now get a cheesesteak at 10 Arts (with shaved tri-tip and shallot confit, natch), in case that’s one of those things you’ve really been waiting for.

The reason for this change was apparently to remake 10 Arts (always seen as more of a destination restaurant) as a more casual, comfortable place to just hang out and eat. Which, if you’re a chef in 2013, you do by offering pickles and charcuterie, mini pork sliders, cheese plates, grits and warm soft pretzels with cheddar sauce and jalapeno jam–all of which are currently on Volz’s new menu. He’s also sourcing locally these days, saying that “As much as possible, we’re going to our back yard”–meaning that he’s making use of the Fair Food Farm Stand and the purveyors at the local markets, where he’s scoring Pennsylvania brook trout (served with baby bok choy and brown butter sauce) and Lancaster chickens (with Thumbelina carrots and braised greens) for his large plates, and roasted Kennett Square shitakes, beech and wood ear mushrooms with garlic butter and parmesan in medium format.

You can check out a few snaps of the new dishes here, and the whole new menu below.

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New Menu at 10 Arts [Official]