McCrossen’s Tavern’s Post-St. Patrick’s Day Irish Whiskey Dinner

If you’re someone who doesn’t agree that “Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day,” we have the perfect post-St. Paddy’s event for you. Eschewing the mayhem of the actual holiday, McCrossen’s Tavern is hosting a grown-up celebration a few days later. On Tuesday at 6:30 PM, chef Townsend Wentz and his talented beverage staff host A Totally Awesome Irish Whiskey Dinner. For $40, diners can sample four Irish whiskeys paired with cheeses and Wentz’s not-quite-Hibernian dishes.

Ruth Dunne, a brand ambassador for Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey (from the oldest distillery in the world and makers of some of the best Irish brain lubricant you’ve never heard of), will up participants’ game by sampling these four diverse spirits: Kilbeggan, Tyrconnell Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Greenore 8 year Single Grain Irish Whiskey, and Connemara Peated Single Malt Whiskey. They’ll be paired with scrumptious-sounding dishes like tempura Atlantic oysters w uni & shiso, togorachi-bacon kewpie and roasted squab with foie gras, chocolate-hazelnut spelt and whiskey jus. Cheeses are, at this time, TBA.

Wear green if you must. But please, if you go, do us all a favor and leave the plastic shamrock necklaces and Guinness leprechaun hats at home.

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