Korean Tasting Menu At Meritage



Korea is a hot topic right now, and it’d be really weird of me to try to connect any Philadelphia food-related news to the politically unstable, war-torn region of North and South Korea. I really shouldn’t.

But speaking of Korea…

Meritage’s Anne Coll has innocuously created a Korean inspired menu, because Korean food is off the hook, and because we shouldn’t let whatever is happening out there take away from what’s happening over here. It’s available through Friday, March 15, so you should go eat there right now because it’ll be awesome. And also because if you don’t, they win.

How’s that for motivation?

Meritage Korean Tasting Menu

March 11th-15th



Crispy Pork Belly, Boston lettuce, slaw, gochujang, kimchi

1st Course

Seared New Jersey Scallops, miso emulsion, sweet potato puree, orange, bacon infused roe

2nd Course

Braised Painted Hill Brisket, KFC thigh, sesame spinach, fji apple kimchi , crispy sticky rice

3rd Course

Coconut Panna Cotta, pineapple, pomegranate . orange & toasted coconut

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