Tiki Bars And Black Lectroids: Two Important Things To Know About Emmanuelle

Over on the CBS3 site, they got an interview with Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal where the two talk all about the vibe at Emmanuelle (the little cocktail bar that opened behind PYT at the Piazza), the decor, the new cocktail list they’re working on and the punches that they feature. And all of that is just fine.

But buried down at the bottom of the story are the two most important things I’ve heard about the place since it opened.

Thing 1: They have a band that plays there called the Hong Kong Cavaliers. Those who get the reference will understand exactly how cool that is. Hey, wherever you go, there you are…

Thing 2: Emmanuelle is planning on expanding once the weather turns nice–and that expansion will take the form of an outdoor tiki bar. Will this be the place that finally make Philly’s tiki dreams come true?

Yes. Unless Duke’s gets its act together and beats them to the punch.

Punch, get it?

Yeah, it’s just that kind of day…

Emmanuelle Adds A Little Punch To Its Cocktail Mix [CBS Philly]