Free Cookies!


If you haven’t had the chance to try an Insomnia Cookie, you should go ahead and do that. They’re literally everything you want out of a cookie, down to that commercial-worthy sexy split, connected by melty strands of chocolate chip. If you don’t feel like leaving your home for a cookie, don’t worry, they deliver—with milk, which is just all kinds of awesome.

Insomnia Cookies was born out of a dorm just a few years ago, and the owners have since opened four other locations in Philly. Their fifth opened yesterday in Midtown Village (135 S. 13th Street). To celebrate their grand opening, they’re offering a free cookie coupon and a 3-Chocolate-Chunk-cookies or $2 delivery promotion. The cookie coupon is on their Facebook page. Have fun.

Insomnia Cookies – [Official]