Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Brewer’s Plate, Little Baby’s, A Guide To Philly Coffee, Barren Hill and The Hop Sing Drunk Walk

Really, this was supposed to be a slow week in the restaurant world. But things just didn’t turn out that way…

The Lineup For Brewer’s Plate The best food event happening this weekend

A Zero-Star Review For The St. James One of the worst beat-downs Trey Popp has ever handed out

Answering A Higher Calling At Citron & Rose Check out the review

Lorenzo’s Pizza Reopening It takes a long time to recover from a fire, but that time is almost over

Little Baby’s Coming To West Philly The “Cedar Park Embassy” is a go

A Guide To Philadelphia’s Coffee Roasters Everything you ever wanted to know, all in one convenient infographic-style format

You Are Why I Hate St. Patrick’s Day The worst drinking day of the year

Devil’s Den Crew Opening Barren Hill Another brew pub for the region is always good news

The Hop Sing Laundromat Drunk Walk Where to eat when walking isn’t really an option

Matt Moon Out At The St. James Think it had anything to do with that zero-star review?