Philadelphia Is The Second-Most Party-rific City In America


At least according to StumbleUpon‘s blog it is. And the editors there apparently used numbers and statistics and analyzed their own content related to drinking and partying to come up with their list of the Top Partying Cities. So yeah, we’re talking about science here, people.

In any case, Philly only got beat out in the rankings by Boston. Whereas we totally kicked the ass of cities like Chicago, New York, Boulder and Baltimore.

Wait, Baltimore? How did Baltimore make the list?

Anyway, the StumbleUpon folks also made a list of the top healthiest cities–hoping to show some overlap between the hard-partiers and the health nuts–but Philly scored nowhere in the top ten. A result that comes as a surprise to precisely no one.

Time To Party Or To Get In Shape? [StumbleUpon]