Pudding Is The New Cupcakes

One of these days, something is going to have to come along and knock the cupcake off its pedestal as the world’s most overdone cutesy food trend. And right now, Amy Edelman from Night Kitchen Bakery in Chestnut Hill is hoping that pudding is going to be that thing.

Not crappy pudding. Not the kind of stuff you get in the single-serve cups at the grocery store or the gooey, Jell-O-based quasi-desserts of yesteryear. But handcrafted artisan puddings, made from real ingredients and available in flavors other than chocolate and white.

Edelman is doing Key lime, banana creme, butterscotch and coffee pot de creme varieties, among other, and letting them go for $5 or $6 apiece. She launched the new desserts at the beginning of the month, so if you feel like striking a blow at the cupcake hegemony, get there now and order big.

Oh, and as a bonus? It’s Restaurant Month in Chestnut Hill, and Night Kitchen is running a lunch special. $9.95 gets you two tea sandwiches, a cup of coffee or tea and a shortbread cookie. Add a pudding to that deal and walk out the door stuffed full of sugar and sandwiches for just $15 or so.

Night Kitchen Bakery [Official]