Four Local Restaurants on United States of Bacon Tonight


Tonight at 7 p.m. on Destination America, formerly Discovery Home & Leisure, is featuring four local restaurants on United States of Bacon. As you might expect there’s a ton of bacon on the show but we have to raise an eyebrow over the inclusion of McNally’s Tavern’s Schmitter. Surely a great gluttonous sandwich, but as the diagram above shows, bacon is not a normal part of the Schmitter. Now bacon is available for a dollar add-on, but who needs bacon when you already have steak, grilled salami, cheese, fried onions, tomatos, special sauce and even more cheese?

  • SoWe, Cinnamon beignets baked with brown butter, caramel and topped with crumbled bacon. Look for $5 martinis and complimentary beignets during the show.
  • Jake’s Sandwich Board, Turkey, cranberry-apple spread, smoky grilled bacon, brown gravy and potato pancakes. Turbacon sandwiches are half-price during the show.
  • PYT, Blue cheese stuffed burger, infused with bloody mary mix, and topped with a heaping portion of bacon. ($5
  • McNally’s Tavern, The Schmitter, a unique take on the cheesesteak made of thin-sliced steak, salami, fried onions, cheese, and secret sauce.

United States of Bacon [YouTube]