Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Eating Horse, Serpico Cooks, More Chefs Hit The Bricks and FedNuts Goes To The Ball Park

Wow… Where the hell did the week go? Between Serpico, Fitler, Honey’s, Hickory Lane, Federal Donuts and the gastronomical debate around eating My Little Pony ravioli (thanks @hringbom), the week just kinda flew by. In case you were napping, here’s what you might’ve missed.

Honey’s Sit N Eat Is Open Kinda

First Look: Fitler Dining Room And we have pictures

Federal Donuts Opening At The Ball Park There is no part of that sentence I don’t like

James Beard Semi-Finalists Announced Hooray for East Passyunk

PYT Offering A Han Dynasty Burger Everyone feel free to go crazy, starting now

Horse Meat On The Menu In Philly It’s about time

Peter Serpico at Il Pittore And we have more pictures here

Matt Zagorski Out At Hickory Lane But where will he land next?