FINAL UPDATE There Goes That Foobooz News Van Again: A Scavenger Hunt For Free Philly Cooks Tickets


FINAL UPDATE: The game is done, folks. All the pictures have been found, all the winners have been chosen. Thanks to everyone for playing along, and if you weren’t one of the lucky six to pick up a golden ticket for this year’s event, remember: Tickets are still available for sale at the Philly Cooks website.

As most of you probably know, Philly Cooks Week is next week and we’re celebrating everything about Philly’s booming, remarkable, never dull restaurant scene with several nights worth of food and booze and famous chefs and tasting tours of the city’s various food neighborhoods. All of this fun will culminate with our Big Event on Thursday, February 28, at the old Strawbridge’s building (pictured above) where dozens of chefs and 50-odd restaurants, bars and food purveyors will gather to throw an enormous party.

Over here at Foobooz World Headquarters, we’re totally excited for the big night. But we’re even more excited by the fact that we’ve just pried loose 5 more pairs of free tickets to give away–and that we’ve come up with a nice little game to pick out winners.

The details are thus: Somewhere on the Foobooz website we’ve hidden five pictures of the Foobooz Full Team Coverage News Van (and no, the above picture is not one of the five). Each picture is worth a pair of free tickets. Find the snap, put the link (along with your name) in the comments section, win a pair of tickets. Simple as that.

Except, well, it really isn’t. Foobooz is kind of a big place these days. We have almost 11,600 posts here, 64 individual pages, countless slideshows and videos and guides. And the winning pictures? They can be hidden anywhere. So, of course, we’re going to be doling out clues. They’ll go out via the Foobooz twitter feed and as updates to this post at completely irregular and unscheduled times.

Couple of other little details:

1) You have to be over 21. Sorry, kids.

2) One pair per player. If you’re a genius and you find two pictures, keep it to yourself because you still only get one pair of tickets. Them’s the breaks.

3) We’re going to keep the game going as long as necessary, but obviously speed counts. It’s only the first person who wins anything, so you might want to start searching now.

4) To wit, here’s your first clue… And an UPDATE after the jump

Philly Cooks 2013 Scavenger Hunt

The Clues

Clue #1:

Clue #2: UPDATE Um… You people apparently do not need clues. Five pictures have been found–including one that was an experiment that we forgot to pull down. But there is still ONE PICTURE LEFT. Meaning that there’s still one pair of tickets up for grabs. Get after it.

Philly Cooks Week 2013 [Philly mag]