Vedge Lands at Number Three on GQ’s 2013 Outstanding Restaurant List

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GQ’s Alan Richman names the most outstanding restaurants of 2013 and Philadelphia’s Vedge is #3. Here’s some of what Richman had to say.

The cooking strutted past tolerable to remarkable. I had no idea so much flavor could be delivered without butter, cream, milk, eggs, and other kitchen staples. Chef Richard Landau’s staff must include a benevolent gremlin or a fairy godmother who sprinkles magic dust over the pots and the pans. I had trouble understanding how vegan food had advanced this far and this fast without an accompanying outpouring of acclaim.

Washington D.C’s Little Serow, a “transformational”Thai restaurant is ranked number one. Hog & Hominy out of Memphis, Tennessee is number two.

Praise is something that Richard Landau and company should be getting used to. The vegan restaurant ranked number three on Philadelphia magazine’s 50 Best Restaurant list and has been widely praised in all the local reviews.

The GQ 12 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2013 are:

  1. Little Serow (Washington, D.C.)
    Transformative Thai
  2. Hog & Hominy (Memphis, TN)
    Italian-American Veers South
  3. Vedge (Philadelphia, PA)
    Amazing Vegan. (Yes, Vegan!)
  4. Cúrate (Asheville, NC)
    A New Spanish Revolution
  5. Uchi (Houston, TX)
    Spectacular Sushi
  6. West Bridge (Cambridge, MA)
    French Cuisine Gets Smahter
  7. Oxheart (Houston, TX)
    Texas Without the Brisket
  8. Central Kitchen (San Francisco, CA)
    California’s New Champ
  9. Bäco Mercat (LosAngeles, CA)
    L.A. on the Mediterranean
  10. St. Anselm (Brooklyn, NY)
    The Steak House Rebooted
  11. The Ordinary (Charleston, SC)
    High Times in Low Country
  12. La Vara (Brooklyn, NY)
    Spain Like You’ve Never Tasted It

12 Best Restaurants of 2013 [GQ]

Photo by Ashley Catharine Smith