One Month, Nine Bars, No Repeats


For the month of March, nine Northern Liberties bars are getting together and making sure they don’t pour the same beer twice. They’re calling it Northern Exposure and plan to offer an unrivaled draft list of over 100 unique beers through the month.

There is no cover charge or tickets, just pay as you go for beers. They’re encouraging small, self-guided bar crawls and there will be Beer Passports to help record the beers tried. Complete one brewer’s offerings in the month and get some free swag.

Check out the Northern Exposure Facebook page for more information and follow @ExposureFest on Twitter.

  • The Abbaye
  • Bar Ferdinand
  • Cantina Dos Segundos
  • El Camino Real
  • Gunner’s Run
  • North Bowl
  • North 3rd
  • Ortlieb’s Lounge
  • Standard Tap will also be a resource for the whole month.