Where We’re Eating: Tavro 13 in Swedesboro, NJ


I was more than a little shocked when I heard that longtime Fork chef Terence Feury was headed to Swedesboro, New Jersey, to open Tavro 13. And based on numerous experiences at Fork, I was even more shocked when an early visit wasn’t delightful.

There were some hits (the salads and desserts) and some misses (thoroughly overcooked pork, multiple bar mishaps, a couple of dishes that must have evaded a kitchen taste test, an abysmal “lounge” that’s more 1990s nightclub), though the friendly staff was certainly trying to please.

Sadly, their efforts weren’t enough. When the couple at the table next to ours gave their meal a “big thumbs down,” I suggested they wait a month and come back. “Never again,” the husband replied.

I, on the other hand, did make a return trip. My second visit yielded somewhat better results, but in the end, Tavro isn’t worth the trip over the bridge. Of course, if you live in the gastronomic desert that is Gloucester County, you should probably still be happy that Feury has come to town.

Tavro 13
1301 Kings Highway, Swedesboro, NJ