Sneak Preview: COOK’s March Schedule

You want in on the best classes every month at COOK? Then you gotta be fast. And that’s why we’re here–to help make you fast. Ticketing for the March schedule will go live tomorrow afternoon, but because we like you, we’re slipping you all the information you need to make your plans a day early so that you can just slide on in there as soon as the new schedule goes up (probably around 2pm) and make with the clicky-clicky faster than your fellow man.

Highlights of the new schedule after the jump.

COOK Class Schedule

March, 2013

March 1: Hearty Vegetarian Fare with Becca O’Brien of the The Avenue Delicatessen and Green Aisle Grocery

March 4: A South African Wine Dinner with Dean Hildebrand and Brian Kane of Zahav

March 5: Open Stove XI (Foobooz’s monthly knock-down, drag-out culinary duel-to-the-death and cocktail party where the awesome comes free with every ticket)

March 7: Swedish Smorgasbord with Henrik Ringbom of Brauhaus Schmitz (Henrik is a weird dude and lots of fun. You should sign up for this class right now)

March 8: Wines of South America with Brian Freedman, Food and Wine Writer/Consultant

March 11: An Evening with Nick Elmi of Rittenhouse Tavern (This makes it sound like he’ll be reading from his new book of free verse, but probably he’ll just cook some stuff)

March 12: One Night in Warsaw of Jon Cichon of Lacroix (pierogis for everyone!)

March 14: An Evening with Robert Halpern of Marigold Kitchen (This should be an awesome night because Robert is kind of a genius)

March 15: Swingin’ Sixties Cocktails with Ryan Fonash of Vintage Imports

March 16: 2PM Kids Baking with Lee Ann Erlbaum of Under The Icing

March 17: 6PM St Patrick’s Day: Italian Style with Peter McAndrews of Modo Mio (I’m guessing there might be some drinking involved here…)

March 19: Classic Sauces with Gina Rodriguez of Serrano

March 20: Pasta Making-101 with Arthur Cavaliere of In Riva

March 21: A Seder To Remember with Mitch Prensky of Supper

March 22: Foods of Seinfeld with David Katz of Creekstone Farms (Babka and Junior Mints?)

March 23: A Filipino Feast with Lou Boquila of Audrey Claire (Hosted by Drew Lazor)

March 24: 3PM Chut Up! Chutney Basics with Craig Lints, Chutney Guru (If I had a prog-rock band, I would totally consider calling it Chutney Guru)

March 25: The Chef and The Farmer with Chef Andrew Wood of Russet and Farmer Steve Bows

March 26: An Evening with Anne Coll of Meritage

March 28: Contemporary Cuisine with Kazuyuki Mitsui of Azie On Main

March 29: STARR SERIES: Modern English Fare with Robert Aikens of The Dandelion

COOK [Official]

COOK March Schedule [Official]