Pros and Cons of Latest Liquor Privatization Bill

Harrisburg State Capital Dome

Dan McQuade reviews Governor Tom Corbett’s latest proposal to privatize the Pennsylvania liquor system.

The Good:

  • Beer can be sold at grocery and drug stores.
  • Beer distributors could buy a license to sell wine and liquor.
  • The state stores go away
  • Selection should improve

The Bad:

  • It creates six new categories of licenses
  • It continues pointless limits on alcohol purchases at one time
  • It does little to address the negative effects of alcohol

Read the rest of McQuade’s column on the Philly Post. For another look at the privatization effort, check out Lew Bryson’s Why the PLCB Should Be Abolished.

Pros and Cons of of Governor Corbett’s LCB Privatization Plan [Philly Post]