Hey, Speaking Of Food Trucks… “How To Start A Food Truck” Clinic For Prospective Owners


Here’s something for those of you who read that last story about the crew from FLK starting up their own food truck and said, “Hey, that sounds like a GREAT idea! I need to go out and do that right now!”

Penn Law and the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association are holding an all-day seminar on Saturday, February 16 which will cover the basics of food truck start-up, including financing, intellectual property, regulations and licensing (which, it seems, is where most people get tripped up in this town) and risk management. There will also be breakfast, lunch and a general membership meeting from the PMFA which is open to both members and non-members.

The clinic will be held at the UPenn Law School. For more information, check out the PMFA’s facebook page.

PMFA How To Start A Food Truck event page [Facebook]