Restaurant Week Alternatives: The $45 Lobster Tasting Menu At Matyson

43_matyson_Karrisa Olsen

What’s that? You’re sick to friggin’ death of all the Restaurant Week nonsense clogging up your favorite restaurants (and your favorite food blog)? Well then have I got a deal for you…

Over at Matyson, they’re doing their yearly “F.U. Restaurant Week” lobster tasting menu which, for just $45, gets you 5 courses of lobstery goodness, in a dining room where the staff isn’t ready to slit their wrists if they have to talk about the goddamn chicken special one more time.

You can check out the menu (and a couple notes on the menu) after the jump.


Monday, January 28- Thursday, January 31



Pumpkin Seed Soup

Barley, squash, mint

Potato Gnocchi

Bottarga, crème fraiche, citrus ash


Foie gras, mushroom, pear, parsnip

Veal Sweetbread

Curry, cauliflower, almond, leek

Bananas Foster Poundcake**

Vanilla ice cream

$45 Prix fixe does not include tax, beverage, or gratuity

* “But wait,” you say, “It doesn’t look like there’s any lobster on this menu at all!” Just cool yer jets there Snappy. According to chef Ben Puchowitz, there is lobster in all of the dishes, but that he got really sick of writing “lobster” in every description so just stopped. “The lobster,” he said, “is implied.” So yeah, lobster with the gnocchi, lobster in the chawanmushi. You get the idea.

** There’s probably NOT lobster in the bananas Foster poundcake. Although if there is, you should just shut up and eat it because Ben might be a weirdo, but he’s really good at pulling off things like “Bananas Foster Poundcake with Lobster.”

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