Tonight: Doc Magrogan’s Offering 15 Different Oysters for Buck-a-Shuck

Doc Magrogan’s in University City and West Chester does buck-a-shuck oysters from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Mondays. Tonight those buck-a-shuck oysters include 15 different varieties of bivalves, Nova Scotia to Washington. That’s a heck of a lot more variety than your average dollar oyster happy hour.

  Oyster                        Location        Size     Description   
Chincoteague                VA              M-L      Distinctive briny flavor followed by a sweet finish
Malpeque                      PEI              S-M      Crisp lettuce like flavor, high brine and a clean sweet finish
Shoregasm                    NB                M        Firm meat with briny finish
Boomsticks                  WA                M         Distinct brininess and a mild finish
James River                 VA                  L        Mild brine, plump meats and very mild flavor
Rhode Island Wild        RI               S-M       Plump and smooth meats with a mild, salty flavor and hints of seaweed
Delaware Bay               NJ                 L        Very mild oyster liquor flavor
Rappahannock              VA                M         Buttery tender meats with a mild brininess, sweet flavor and clean finish
Little Bitches                VA                 S          Firm meat with a crisp, briny finish
Potters Moon                RI                  M        Medium salinity with a clean, slightly sweet finish
Beaver Tails                  RI                  L        Distinct brininess with a clean finish
Rocky Shore                 MA               M        Delightfully briny with a smoky finish
Chesapeake                   VA                L         Mild with a hint of sweetness
Broad Water                 VA                 M        Distinct brininess with a cedar and spice finish
Tatamagouche              NS                 M        Flavor is medium in salinity with a melon like finish

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