Adam Erace Reviews West Philly’s Rue 52

Mahari Bailey hopes her coffee-and-crepes spot, Rue 52 can aid in the revitalization of 52nd Street in West Philadelphia. Adam Erace stops in to check out the crepes.

Despite Rue’s thematic Francophilia (hours listed bilingually, a Tumblr billed “nouvelles”), the crêpes are not so true to form, based on the same batter for both sweet and savory versions and overstuffed to American portions. That said, crêpes are like pizza in that even an average one is still pretty great, and Rue’s proved no exception. The classic trifecta of Nutella, bananas and strawberries (the Ben Franklin) absolves all wrongdoing in its warm, gooey embrace. Apples and caramel had the same effect, and were surprisingly less sweet than you’d think.

Rue 52 [Official Site]