10 Great Restaurants With Saturday Restaurant Week Menus And Reservations Still Available

It’s tough enough getting a table at a great restaurant on a Tuesday during Restaurant Week. But come Saturday night, when only half of the restaurants even have Restaurant Week deals in place and most of the best places have gone back to their regular menus for the weekend, it can be nearly impossible.

The operative word there being nearly. Here are 10 great restaurants in town that are both doing a Saturday Restaurant Week deal AND have seats available for those of you biologically incapable of planning ahead.

You’re welcome.

10 Arts

10 S. Broad Street

Tables currently available before 6:15 or after 8:45

Brauhaus Schmitz

718 South Street

Brauhaus Schmitz doesn’t take reservations, so show up early and claim your real estate before the crowds descend


707 Chestnut Street

Tables for 2 are available around 5:30 and after 9pm

Garces Trading Company

1111 Locust Street

5pm and 9pm are your only options here, but that’s still better than nothing

M Restaurant

231 S. 8th Street, at the Morris House Hotel

Reasonable reservations are still available–at 6:45 and 7:45 for 2-tops, earlier and later for parties of 4. Jump on this one quick if you’re still looking for a near-prime-time dinner reservation

Oyster House

1516 Sansom Street

Oyster House is another place that doesn’t take reservations, so either stake out your space early or be prepared to fight it out with the crowds


1521 Spruce Street

Before 5:45 or at 9:30 are your only options for farm-to-table in Rittenhouse Square

Spice 28

1228 Chestnut Street

This one is the winning play. Reservations here are wide-open, and even though this place is cheap on any normal night, they’re running a HUGE 4-course menu for Restaurant Week. Plus, they actually take reservations, so you’re guaranteed that seat if you want it. Boom.


926 South Street

Reservations available before 6:30 and after 7:30 for parties of 2


1315 Sansom Street

6:30 and 9:30 is all that’s left


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