Painter and Serpico, Together for One Night at Il Pittore

The similarities between the two chefs count little to none. Chef Chris Painter, a Pottsville, PA native, stands on eurocentric culinary grounds, masterfully crafting  creative takes on modern Northern Italian cuisine at his namesake restaurant on Sansom Street. This, of course, being a relatively new venture after stepping away from his post as culinary director of Starr Restaurant Group.

Peter Serpico, on the other hand, was the culinary director for a different empire. He was the taste buds and visionary for the asian-inspired, edgy-yet-sophisticated menus spewing from David Chang’s Momofoku empire—an empire that has dotted the culinary map of  New York, Sydney, and Toronto. So what do they have in common besides once being culinary directors for successful restaurant groups?

They can cook like motherf*****s.

And they’ll be doing so together for a one night only collaboration dinner on Tuesday, February 19th. The eight-course dinner will be held at Il Pittore at $150 a head—wine offered, but not included, and will be comprised of both chefs’ interpretations of modern Italian cuisine. Seatings start at 6pm and end at 8:30, and once you’re seated, the table is yours for the rest of the night. The restaurant’s only taking 70 reservations, and it’s already around 10% full, so if you’re interested, carpe diem.

Call (215) 391-4900 for more information and reservations.

Photo by Karrisa Olsen