Nomad Pizza Closing for a 10-Day Pizza Expedition

Tom Grim, co-owner of Nomad Pizza wanted us to pass along that Nomad Pizza’s two locations will be closed for ten days starting on Sunday, January 20th. Perhaps he was also bragging that he and 14 other staffers will be flying from Philadelphia to Rome to do some reconnaissance.

Grim says they’ll be eating lots of pizza, drinking good Italian wine and beer as well as visiting purveyors including a buffalo mozzarella farm, touring a tomato packer and visiting their organic Parmesan supplier. As Grim said, “there has to be some benefit to working in a business where you work every weekend.”

Both Nomad locations will be reopening on Thursday, January 31st. And if you’re looking for Super Bowl plans, the game will be shown on the big screen on Sunday, February 3rd.

Nomad Pizza [Official Site]