Strangelove’s Will be the Name of the New Beer Bar on 11th Street

Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft have settled on Strangelove’s as the name for their newest beer bar at 216 S 11th Street. The spot will be the biggest yet from the couple who have brought us Memphis Taproom, Local 44 and Resurrection Ale House. Strangeloves is aiming to open by mid-March, also Maida’s due date.

The beer program will of course be a strength, with 18-taps plus two beer engines available on both floors. But food will matter as well and Maida and Hartranft are currently looking for a chef.

Why Strangelove’s? It isn’t a Dr. Strangelove reference but a twist on their original choice, Strangeways. Unfortunately that name, that the couple had squared away for years is also the name of a beer bar in Texas (what are the chances). So they audibled and went with Strangelove’s which Maida hopes comes across as “a little mysterious. or romantic.”

216 S 11th Street