This Week, Eat Like a Chef at Matyson


Can you eat like a chef? Can you suck down raw scallops, get every bit of marrow out of a bone and chug pho without missing a beat? Well then this week’s tasting menu at Matyson is built for you. It’s the Eat Like a Chef tasting menu and the $45 tasting menu is available tonight through Thursday.

Monday, January 14- Thursday, January 16
Eat Like A Chef
Raw Scallop
Uni sauce, grapefruit, Szechwan peppercorn
Bone Marrow
Bacon & onion crust, shaved egg yolk
Duck Pho
Foie gras meatballs, turnip, fixins’
BBQ Pig Tails
Cucumber, charred scallion & herb salad
Funnel Cake
Coffee maple
$45 Prix Fixe does not include tax, beverage or gratuity
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