Foobooz Hot Dog Day, Part 1: Hot Diggity Hits The Bricks (Insert Wiener Joke Here)


So, big week at Hot Diggity, right? First they go and get themselves all over the jumping box with their star-making appearance on the Travel Channel’s Hot Dog Paradise. And now word has come down that owner Keith Garabedian is looking to invest in his own version of the Wienermobile in order to take his tubesteaks on the road.

Or, to be more specific, he’s looking for YOU to invest, which is why he’s listed the project on Lucky Ant (one of those new-fangled crowd-funding sites) and is hoping to bring in anywhere from $7000-$10,000 in order to get a fully tricked-out hot dog food truck on the streets. And while sure, it would be very cool of you to drop by and throw a few bucks at this very worthy project without expecting anything in return, the way these things work is on a bonus system. You give a little money, you get a little something back (a free dog and a free drink for donating $5, for example). Give a lot, though, and you might get something super-cool…

With the Hot Diggity food truck project, the two important donation levels are $250 and $500. Pony up $250 and the Hot Diggity food truck will come to your private party or event and supply hot dogs and drinks for up to 15 people for two hours. If it were me, I would just make the truck follow me and some friends around for two hours. Wouldn’t even go anywhere special. Just walk around with a giant truck full of gourmet hot dogs following me everywhere I went.

Feel like being generous and dropping half-a-thousand on the project? If you do, you get to design and name your own hot dog which will go on the menu at Hot Diggity AND be illustrated by Hawk Krall (who did all the art for the brick-and-mortar location, as shown above). Also, you get to eat your hot dog free for one month.

So anyway, if you’re feeling generous, it’s worth checking out. There are 25 days left for Hot Diggity to raise the necessary funds, but there’s no reason not to help them start things off with a bang.

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