Sabatino, Puchowitz and Moore, Not a Law Firm but a Dinner

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Some things sound too good to be real—but this is so real. chef Ben Puchowitz (Matyson) and chef George Sabatino (Stateside) are teaming up alongside Greg Moore (Moore Brothers Wine Company), to create a legendary eight-course dinner with exemplary ingredients and nonpareil wine.

With Chef Puchowitz’s mastery of the tasting menu, Sabatino’s ability to elevate ingredients, coupled with the endless wine knowledge of Greg Moore, this $150 dinner is basically a must-go.

The event will take place at Matyson on January 17th at 7pm. $150 includes wine, tax, and gratuity. To make a reservation please call 215-564-2925.

Caviar & Eggs
Bottarga, creme fraiche, onion crumbs

Salsify, celery, apple, borage

Bluefin Tuna
Citrus, mustard seed, fennel

Foie Gras
Gooseberry, almond, tatsoi

Lobster cannelloni, preserved meyer lemon

Cheek, loin, crispy marrow, burdock, black garlic

Moses Sleeper (Jasper Hill, VT)

Passion fruit, macadamia

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