Fork Debuts New Winter Cocktail List

Since chef Eli Kulp has arrived at Fork he has been quite busy recreating the restaurant and producing menu after new menu. So it’s no surprise that Fork bar manager Guy Smith has a new winter cocktail of his own. The menu is broken down into three sections, Bubbly, Citrus and Spirituous with cocktail highlights including Aperol with orange bitters and sparkling wine; Bourbon with Fernet Branca, mint, grapefruit and Peychaud’s bitters and in the Spirituous category, Scotch with Drambuie, Campari, rhubarb bitters and burnt orange.

Cocktails range from $11 to $13 and will change with the seasons.


aperol, orange bitters, sparkling wine 11
cynar, canton, celery water, verjus, sparkling wine 12
martini bianco, lillet white, peach bitters, club soda 13


earl grey gin, dry vermouth, thyme syrup, lemon zest 11
tequila, cointreau, green tea, agave, grapefruit bitters, lime 12
citrus vodka, st. germaine, orange, lemon bitters, egg white 12
bourbon, fernet branca, mint, grapefruit, peychaud’s 12


rye, sweet vermouth, amaro, maraschina, old fashioned bitters 12
armagnac, cassis, dry vermouth, bitters, pernod rinse 13
scotch, drambuie, campari, rhubarb bitters, burnt orange 12

And what should you pair with these cocktails? Well Chef Kulp’s Bar Bites menu of course. Highlights include:

  • Caputo Brothers’ Stracciatella Toasts with charred and pickled eggplant
  • Crispy Chicken Nuggets with spicy mustard and agrodolce (pictured)
  • Smoked Trout Caviar with dilled cucumbers and bagel chips
  • Seasonal Oysters with clear gazpacho vinegar
  • Surf Clam with radishes and pickled apple
  • Nantucket Bay Scallops with parsley kimchi

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Photo by Trevor Dixon