Greatest Hits and What You Missed: End Of The World Edition

Don’t you know that the world is supposed to end today? What are you doing sitting around and reading a food blog? Oh, well… Just in case this is the last web page you ever see, here’s what you might’ve missed while stocking your underground end-of-the-world bunker with Cheetos and Mountain Dew all week.

YOLO Closes After 3-Month Run Not a record, but close
Seven Fishes Feasts Becoming All The Rage In case the world doesn’t end, here’s where to eat some sea critters
Chickie’s & Pete’s Accused Of Skimming Tips Calling it a “Pete Tax” was a really bad idea…
Two Philadelphia Stalwarts Close The Doors Again, not a very big deal if the world really does end tonight
Stollenwerk Gone From Fish After the year this place has had, I don’t think anyone was surprised
Chef Regis Jansen Steps Down At Rex 1516 But we know who is replacing him
Going Out With A Bang Just in case the world does end, here’s where to go to make sure you make it to the end drunk and well-fed