Returning To Our Hunter/Gatherer Roots At The Farm And Fisherman

How does that expression go: “Feed a man a pig and he eats for a night; teach a man to butcher that pig then cook every bit including the squeal and he eats like Philadelphia chef Josh Lawler?” Or something like that.

Lawler is teaching us carnivores to cook like he does at his nationally acclaimed mud-to-table BYO, The Farm and Fisherman, with a series of three individual Sunday classes on butchery starting in January. As if it weren’t enough to be forced to confront innards on seemingly every modern menu, now we’re being asked to partake in cutting them out of Wilbur’s flesh.

But hey, if that’s your thing–and you hope to be the first on your block to be so fashionably frugal by doing so–reserve (and pre-pay for) a space in one or more of the classes, which include an informal seminar, live demo, and a five-course dinner featuring Miss Piggy on a platter.

If you’re kosher or just have something against swine, skip the Whole Pig and Sausage Making course on January 27 ($125) and shoot in (sorry for the pun, Bambi) for Venison and Game Birds on February 24 ($140) or Lamb + Goat & Sausage Making on March 24 ($125). The classes start at 1pm and don’t include tip. Also, don’t forget to bring wine, beer or the bitters you might need to get through the act of sawing through bone and bits.

Or you can just go fishing.

Email for reservations.