Free Restaurant Equipment from Peter Woolsey

Peter Woolsey of Bistrot La Minette is getting some new kitchen equipment and wants to make sure that his old equipment finds a better home than the scrapyard.

In about a month I will be replacing the stoves on my line with ranges I never could have afforded when we first opened. I will then be left with two ranges, a salamander and a large convection oven. Time has not been kind to them and they are far from mint condition. They have been kept clean but the burners, ovens, doors, thermostats etc… have been beaten up with mountains of braised rabbits and bubbling pots of duck confit. I think though, with a lot of TLC, that these stoves could still be very helpful to an independent restaurateur who is starting out.

So I propose to offer my two Imperial six burner 36” ranges (one with convection and a salamander and the other with a standard oven and a shelf) and my Imperial stand-up 220 volt electric convection oven to a deserving party. All I need is a letter from the potential recipient about why they would like the oven and ranges and what they would do with them. I want to make sure they find a good home that is not a scrap yard, so specificity would be nice.

BUT…. Yes there is one big but.  The recipient must pick up the stoves on the day that I receive delivery on my new equipment. They will need a large truck and a way to get the equipment out of the restaurant and on to the truck. I hope these stoves that have helped me achieve so much success have a couple more good years.

I hope you guys can help me spread the word.


So do you have a good use for Woolsey’s old stoves? Send him a letter explaining what you’ll do with them:

Peter Woolsey
C/O Bistrot La Minette
623 S 6th Street  Philadelphia, PA 19147