STORE: 3 For $50 Deal On Philadelphia City Dining Cards

Over at the Foobooz Store, we’re running a holiday special on City Dining Cards. Normally $20 per pack, we’re now letting ’em go (for a limited time, of course) at 3 decks for $50–a $10 savings that makes these already awesomely underpriced gifts even…awesomer.

In case you don’t already know what these things are, let me explain. Each pack of City Dining Cards contains 50 cards. Each card offers a $10 discount at some locally-owned restaurant around town. And we’re not talking a bunch of crappy restaurants that you’ve never heard of, either. No, there are cards in there for Bar Ferdinand, Cantina Feliz, Honey’s, Kennett, Pumpkin, Yards, PYT and a whole bunch of others. So think about this for a second and do the math. Under normal circumstances, $20 buys you 50 $10 discount cards (with a piece of the proceeds going to The Food Trust). So you use two of the things and the entire deck has already paid for itself. But now, if you buy three (either as gifts or just because you REALLY like eating on the cheap at Catahoula or La Calaca Feliz), you’ll be getting them even cheaper.

So, yeah. Get over to the store now and make with the clickity-clickity. You’ll be glad you did. Especially if you get yours before our stock of them runs out.

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