Oh My God! It’s 12-12-12

In case you somehow missed it, today is December 12, 2012, or 12/12/12. It’s the same backwards and forward. And for some reason everyone loses their shit. And as annoying as that might be, there are some really good events happening today, some inspired by the date, some because it’s the second Wednesday in December.

  • On East Passyunk tonight it is Spirits, Suds and Santa. $5 gets you admittance to 12 bars and restaurants that will be offering $3 craft beers, $4 cocktails and $5 (or less) snacks.
  • Buy a dozen doughnuts at Krispy Kreme today and get a dozen free. Get it? Because it’s 12-12.
  • The once a month High Gravity night is tonight at Sidecar Bar. Eight 9% plus beers will be pouring including Bell’s Black Note. That imperial stout weighs in at 11.5%, or if you’re into rounding, 12%.
  • Percy Street Barbecue is lighting their 12 foot tall Beer Can Tree tonight. The tree is made up of 1,700 cans and we’re willing to bet, the exact total is divisible by 12. And one of the beers on special? 21st Amendment. And 21 is just 12 backwards.