Lolita’s Taco Tuedays Are Back

Taco Tuesdays at Lolita are back. For only $20, each guest has a choice of four different tacos: grilled skirt steak, beer braised pork shoulder, seared wild mushrooms, and grilled chicken borracha. After that, every guest will receive avocado-tomatillo salsa, roasted tomato-chipotle salsa, jicama & orange salad, mexican beans, arroz amarillo, and fresh corn tortillas.

Remember, it’s BYOT, so bring your best bottle, bring cash, and in the immortal words of Stateside’s George Sabatino on the Philadelphia episode of The Layover, “…get ripped on tequila and eat f**king carnitas all night.”

Taco Tuesdays [Lolita]