An Easy Bake Oven For Boys: #EveryoneCanCook

So you’ve heard this story already, right? The one about the boy, 4-year-old Gavyn Boscio, who wanted an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, and his sister, 13-year-old McKenna Pope, who was outraged to find that Easy Bake Ovens only came in pink and purple and in designs made for girls?

Yeah, it’s been making the rounds. And ever since the Easy Bake Oven story hit the national news, Hasbro has been the target of petitions, complaints, videos and more.

And now, a whole bunch of big-name, nationally-known chefs have gotten together to make a video in support of Gavyn and McKenna. And guess which Philly chef shows up to say a few words in support of gender equality?

Yup, that was Brad Spence from Amis, taking a moment during a busy service to ask Hasbro to make Easy Bake Ovens for boys, too. Wanna show your support for this worthy cause? Speak up on Twitter, using the hash tag #EveryoneCanCook

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