Garces & Co. Are Baking You Some Pies

All Photos courtesy Steve Legato

Baking pies is hard work, and, more often than not, is well worth that work. Jose Garces and his Executive Pastry Chef Jessica Mogardo decided to take the work out of your hands and into theirs. They’ve come up with four different pie concepts that are sure to please the crowds: Pumpkin-Gingerbread; Chocolate-Pecan; CCC (Cherry, Cranberry- Cornmeal); and their instant-classic ABC (Apple, Bacon, Caramel). Each pie serves approximately 6 to 8 people and costs $35. Pick them up at Garces Trading Co. or JG Domestic.

Seasonal pies can be ordered online for pick-up throughout the holiday season or in person at either of the pickup locations. Orders must be in by noon for next day pick up.

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